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Seating & Comfort When buying a leather or fabric sofa, it is important to find the right sofas for your seating needs. If you like to sit upright, or perhaps lounge around like a couch potato, here at Leather Sofa Land, we love to help all our customers find the perfect sofa.

  • High Back Sofas will generally be built and designed for those of you who prefer to sit up straight, and maintain an upright seated position, although some high back sofas may do the total oppisite, depending on the following factors. If the seat cushion is a medium height, and the seat depth is not too deep, the back will then be pitched (angled), in a more upright position. The seat cushions should be quite firm, as the sofa will not be comfortable if the seat is soft.                                                                                                                                                                                                                             
  • Low Seat Sofas are made with one aim, to make a super comfortable piece of furniture that the user can really 'sink' into. It will, almost in all designs, be completed with a low back cushion, and medium to very deep seat cushions, with a softer foam, for extra comfort levels. The sofas are generally made with modern looks and features, and will be designed with a more contemporary look. So for those of you who prefer to lounge on your sofa, a lower seat would be more suitable.                                                                                                                                                       
  • Reclining Sofas are the name given to sofas and chairs that come with a reclining mechanism. They give you the advantage of being able to sit up right, in a static position, or laid back when the sofas are set to recline, allowing the back cushion to move down, the seat to move back, and the foot rest to come up. Reclining sofas have become very popular over the last 10 years or so, and are a must buy, for those of you who are undecided if they prefer sitting upright, or lounging on their sofa. On some models motorised mechanisms are available, which enable the user to control their angle of recline much more accurately by simply pushing a button.
  • Pocket Springs are used in seat cushions, when the customers preference is a firm hard sit. To produce a great pocket sprung seat the following steps are taken. Two layers of foam are 'sandwiched' on top of a foam grid, with each gridded section containing a spring. There are typically around 20 springs in each cushion. The foam is then sealed, and the cushion is then covered. This is also used as a deterrent from the seat cushion sagging.
  • High Density Foam is also used to make a firm sit when used in your sofas seat cushion. It is made using polyurethane, which is combusted by trapping gas into a liquid producing foam. Depending on how 'aggressive' the gas is trapped will determine the density of the foam. 
  • Dacron Fibres are mainly used in the back cushions of our sofas. They are sometimes put inside the arm cushions, but always mixed with a foam. Dacron is a foam based material, that is similar in texture to cotton wool. It is a soft and flexible material, and is ideal to take the pressure of a persons back weight, making it the perfect filler for you back cushion.

We hope the above information helps you when reading through our descriptions, and gives you a better idea of what is inside your sofas.


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