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Leather Explained


Here at Leather Sofa Land we would like to give you an insight into all the different types of leather we provide for our sofas


  • Full grain leather is the name given to hides that have had no human interference, such as sanding, or buffing. This will result in all imperfections, such as scars, and insect bites, that the cow had suffered, remaining visible on the leather. Therefore the grain is left perfectly intact, allowing the leather to breathe and maintain it's natural look. The hide will also develop a patina, over some years, preventing wear to the leather for a long period of time. Here at Leather Sofa Land we offer an elite selection of sofas in Full Grain Leather, available in two leather types, aniline, and semi aniline. These finishes will determine the leathers colour, as the hide is dyed rather than painted.
  • Top grain hides are very popular in the furniture industry, and with us at Leather Sofa Land, mainly because of the large selection of colours, and its durability. Top grain got its name as the top layer is separated from the 'split' part of the hide; this procedure involves the hide being cut through the middle making the leather thinner and more pliable than full grain. The leather is then sanded, and buffed, to remove all imperfections. It then has a finish coat, and finally painted. This treatment makes Top Grain Leather much more resistant to stains, and damage than a full grain leather finish. 
  • Corrected grain leather is the name given to all types of leather that have been given an artificial grain. The hide may have had multiple scars, and insect bites, resulting in the leather looking less attractive. The marks are then sanded down, and buffed to take all the marks out of the leather. The tannery will then use a tool, to make an imprint on the now smoothed layer of leather, to make a grain marking. The finish is then pigmented, meaning that the leather is more protected, as a polymer coat is used, making corrected grain leather more resistant to stains, and damage than any other leather.                                                                                                                                                                                      
  • Bonded leather is a finish that has been available for the past few years. It involves the 'bonding' of two materials, the split part of the leather hide, being combined with a polyurethane. The process is quite involved, starting with the leather being backed with a fabric, a layer of latex is then applied, and later combined with the polyurethane. The combination of the materials makes the finished product, bonded leather, more durable than any material individually. 
  • Split leather is what is left from the top part of the hide, also known as top grain, or rawhide, as explained in the section for top grain leather. The top hide is cut through the middle, and all the leather underneath is called the split. The split is then cut down into multiple layers, depending on the thickness of the original hide. Once cut away from the top grain it can be used for various different materials, such as bonded leather, or bycast leather. Split hide is also used on the frames of sofas as it is not necessary to use top grain on non wearing areas. It can also be used to make suede, although the strongest suedes are made from grain splits. The split will almost, always be combined with another material in the furniture industry as it is not strong enough to stand alone.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
  • Leather Match is the name given to material that looks, and feels like genuine leather it is also known as Faux leather. It is normally a polymer based material, such as pvc. The majority of our sofas have leather match covered frames, as it reduces the price of your leather sofa by a fair amount. The reason for applying the material to the frames, is because this area is a non wearing part, and you will not come into contact with this area, when seated. Some sofas are covered completely in leather match, as it is a well priced fabric, but will not last the test of time, the same as genuine hides. 


We hope the information about the different types of leather, has been helpful to you. Please remember here at Leather Sofa Land we are always trying to give our customers product knowledge, as we know buying sofas for your home can be a big decision. If there are any questions, or something more you would like to know about, in this article, please let us know. Our sales team are only too happy to help.



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