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Frames Cushions & Seat Suspension

All our frames are made from real wood, the construction of the sofa is very important, as this is the foundation that all the other materials 'sit' on.

The frame starts its process buying firstly identifying the shape, and style of the model. After a technical drawing is made the sawing will begin. Once the pieces of wood are cut correctly to the frames dimensions, it is assembled using screws, and wood glue. A larger bolt is then put through the centre rail, using a bolt; the number of these used can vary from eight to twelve. 

Now the strong frame is complete, the next stage to create a sofa of great comfort, we cover the frame in dacron and foam, to cover any edged corners of the frame.

After this stage is complete we will begin with the seat suspension. There are generally two suspensions available. A zig zag spring, or webbing is used to support the seat cushion. The zig zag is the older, and most commonly used of the two. Being a spring it gives a greater tension, and will give a comfortable balance of gravity and retraction.

The second most common suspension is webbing based. The procedure is as follows, the super strong material is stapled inside the frames seating area, and laid out in a grid style leaving very few gaps. It works in the same manner as the springs, but has less upward resistance. With the webbing in place it gives a slightly softer feel to the sit of the seat cushion.

The cushions play a major role in the sofas comfort. There are a few variations of what cushions are filled with. The two most common used in our sofas are pocket sprung, and high density foam. For more information please go to our seating section.

If you would require any additional information on any of the above, please let us know.


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